I Breathe

Breathe. That is how I calm my turmoil. My lack of understanding of my society has astonished me. Somehow I blinked and the 60’s dreams died. Yes, we had Obama. But, was that a wrinkle in time? Where is the passion and accountability for each others lives? Are we lost? AMAZING GRACE

A New Way

Why is our youth not behaving responsibly. I guess it is part of growing up. We all learned from our mistakes. The ramifications of close contact has caused spread of covid-19. Sadly, the lack of Feds coordination of testing has made it worthless due to results delay. A vaccine will take years to vaccinate billions. Still vaccinating for polio after 45 years. We must adapt. Poverty will increase as businesses close. New skills must be learned. Perhaps our infrastructure can be worked on. A recession or depression. The New Deal. Universal Health Care. We shall see. Maybe.